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Evolution MedSpa is a cosmetic medical spa in Commack, NY.  We specialize in body, face, and skin rejuvenation procedures that keep you moving with real results and no downtime. We feature a wide array of medical aesthetic treatments, as well as body contouring with the revolutionary fat-freezing technology of CoolSculpting.

Evolve into your best self at Evolution MedSpa.

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Botox In Belle Terre

Where in the Face To Get Botox Near Me in Belle Terre, NY

You have probably heard the word Botox thrown around many times, but how much do you know about it? You can get Botox in many places around your face, with each injection targeting certain muscles.

You may wonder where in your face you can get Botox if you’re looking for Botox near me. Whether in your forehead, eyebrows, frown lines, or chin: you won’t believe all the places you can get Botox. All you need to do is find a medical spa in Belle Terre, NY, who will administer the treatment.

What Is Botox?

Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is a toxin injected into the muscles in an area of your face. It’s an anti-aging cosmetic procedure that causes temporary muscle relaxation, removing the appearance of wrinkles. It works by blocking the signals from nerves to the muscles, stopping them from contracting and causing wrinkles.

The procedure only takes about 10 minutes, and Botox will take full effect after around seven to 14 days. After that, Botox will last around three to six months; after this time has passed, your muscles will start contracting as normal again. As wrinkles appear, you can treat them with Botox again.

Now that you understand what Botox is, we’ll discuss where a Belle Terre, NY doctor can administer the treatment and what wrinkles they can reduce.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles—also called surprise lines—are one of the most common places where people get Botox. This is because you constantly use your forehead muscles, causing wrinkles to form as you age. These surprise lines are your first sign of aging. As well, they are among the hardest wrinkles to hide, so finding a medical spa in Suffolk that offers “Botox near me” is your best bet at erasing these lines.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are the fine lines around your eyes that show when you laugh or smile. While these wrinkles come from such a jovial action, many people use Botox to get rid of them to give themselves a more youthful appearance. Having crow’s feet present when you’re not smiling is associated with aging, so most people search to get Botox in Belle Terre, NY when they notice these wrinkles without smiling.

Frown Lines

Frown lines are the lines between your eyebrows that appear when you frown. Having frown lines, also known as glabellar lines, can give you a tired or angry appearance. This is why many people opt to get rid of them. Many Suffolk Botox practitioners have used Botox to smooth these frown lines effectively for a more youthful look.


When you first think of Botox, you may not picture people getting it for saggy eyebrows. However, getting Botox in your eyebrows by a Suffolk practitioner can change your appearance for the better. It relaxes the muscles that pull the eyebrow down, giving you an instant brow lift. Many people get this procedure for more than just the cosmetic reason of raising their eyebrow: a droopy eyebrow can cause a hooded-eye effect, where the skin forms horizontal folds around the eye. Botox can help remove the appearance of hooded eyes.

Bunny Lines

Getting Botox in your bunny lines is a little more complicated than getting it in your forehead. The bunny lines are wrinkles that form when your nose wrinkles up—much like a bunny’s nose moves when it sniffs something. While you should find an experienced doctor in Belle Terre, NY, to perform all Botox procedures, this is critical when you’re getting Botox in your bunny lines. If the practitioner improperly administers the Botox, it can affect your smile.


There are many areas around your lips where you can get Botox done. One place is the smoker’s line, as they can become more apparent if you smoke. However, you don’t have to smoke to have smoker’s lines, as they also make themselves known as you get older. These lines are also known as perioral lines and appear when you purse your lips. You can treat smoker’s lines with a small amount of Botox.

You can also get Botox around the borders of your lips. You start to lose definition around your lips as you age, and the volume of your lips fades. Getting Botox will allow you to get plump, full lips without needing lip fillers.

Do your gums make themselves known when you smile? Is that something that bothers you? Believe it or not, you can get Botox done by a Suffolk doctor to remove your “gummy” lips. Getting Botox injections on either side of the mouth can relax the muscles, allowing your lips to cover your gums more.

Corners of the Mouth

You can get Botox to fix the wrinkles around the corners of your mouth. These wrinkles can go from the corners of your mouth to your jaw, and luckily, Botox can smooth these lines. If you have a droopy smile, you can also get Botox to help relax those muscles and bring your smile up to a more natural position.


Rather than your muscles just causing wrinkles as they contract, the muscles in your chin can work overtime, causing a dimpled appearance. This is because they flex more than they should. Botox can smooth these issues, giving you a more youthful appearance.


Finally, you can get Botox in the muscles on your neck. Wrinkles can form in your neck for many reasons: gravity pulling the skin down, overworked facial muscles, and sagging muscles. Botox will smooth out these bands, making them less noticeable. However, you must remember that neck fat will not respond to Botox; this will not go away, no matter how much Botox you try to put into your neck.

There are more places in your face that you can get Botox than most people realize. Before you start searching for “Botox near me” and looking younger, you should speak to your doctor and search for a medical spa that specializes in the type of Botox you desire. If you’re ready to find the right medical spa for you, call Evolution MedSpa at 631-499-5700 today.

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